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New Premises in City Center [20.01.2013]

AcuLife is delighted to announce that we are opening a beautiful new clinic in Wilton, just 2 minutes from the Cork University Hospital. We believe it is important that we provide the best facilitates to cater for the needs of our clients. Our new and modern premises is a 5 minute walk from the Cork Fertility Clinic, and includes a comfortable reception area, as well as 3 new spacious treatment rooms. The premises boasts ample parking and is easily located. We believe this new accessible location will benefit many of our clients. For further details and to view a map for directions, visit our contact page.


Fertility Hypnosis [1.04.2013]

AcuLife will be launching our New 'Fertility Hypnosis Programme' in Janurary 2012 which is a series for women trying to have a baby, either naturally or through the IVF journey across the country. The programm was created in conjunction with some of the top specialists in fertility and Hypnotherapy in Europe, if you would like an advanced company send us an email at and will we send you an advance copy of the programme before it launches for free. This will help to discover the mind - fertility connection, and allow you to do something every day to help your fertility. And you can visit our new website at

About AcuLife

Aculife is a Natural Fertility Clinic based Cork that utilises a range of therapies such as acupuncture and nutrition, to assist natural conception or support pregnancy by IVF treatments.


At AcuLife we provide each patient with a personalised fertility programe that is designed to be an integrated approach incorporating acupuncture treatments, advise on diet and supplements requirements, to enable couples with fertility issues to conceive successfully in the calm tranquil environment of our clinic.

All patients are looked after by trained experts in western approaches to reproductive medicine. The acupuncturists are highly skilled in Pre & Post IVF Acupuncture support, and work with patients from the Cork Fertility Clinic, Galway Fertility Clinic, Sims, Hari Unit and Kilkenny Fertility Clinic.

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